<scanner-pack>montreal, by Karla Tobar in collaboration with Christian Scott

Presented as part of the exhibition Stubborn Objects: Counter-surveillance in a Post-human Landscape, November 3-6, 2016

<scanner-pack> is a piece of luggage that contains a desktop scanner designed to scan and record images that result from any kind of pressure exerted on it. The friction, movement and natural light propose an anthropological encounter between the machine, the performer´s body and the places they visit.

<scanner-pack> in Montreal


This project addresses privacy through the desire of engaging in an intimate relationship with a public space. A public space is an area where individuals can come together and discuss freely, and privacy, as the possibility of any individual or group to express themselves selectively.



This project has been made possible through the support of Etxepare Euskal Institutua- Basque Institute and BilbaoArte Foundation.


To download one of the images produced by the scanner pack, click on the desired image to enlarge it, and then right click to download it through the contextual menu.


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