The Feminist Media Studio is equipped with three “production kits” whose equipment is geared toward three figures in the history feminist media, the ‘activist’ (engaged on the ground in feminist social justice work through ‘quick and dirty media’), the ‘artist’ (committed to aesthetic strategies for refiguring representations of the body, subjectivity and social life), and the ‘independent filmmaker’ (drawing on narrative and documentary traditions to represent the role of gender and sexuality in constituting social worlds). These figures were never distinct in the history of feminist media, but represent instead muses for different forms of feminist creative practice. Studio members and visiting artists are invited to reflect on the forms and lineages that shape representations of gender and sexuality (and their complex intersection with race, ethnicity, class, and cultural context) and—in true feminist fashion—remain passionately unfaithful to the divisions these separate ‘kits’ may initially imply.

While the kits intersect, each nods to a mode of making that informs feminist praxis. For instance, the activist kit is comprised of a shock proof, waterproof, wearable camera, as well as accessories for mobile transmission; the artist kit contains a large sensor video camera with slow motion capability, and accessories to stage complex perspectives and movement; finally, the independent filmmaker kit includes an interchangeable lens camera with multiple lenses and a cinema rig. The kits all share equipment for audio acquisition and editing, new lightweight LED studio lights and ancillary equipment.

The production facilities are complemented by sophisticated software and editing suites, multiple wide-angle professional projectors with lens-shifting capabilities, LCD screens and cinema viewing screens for displaying, channeling or otherwise distributing media content. The Studio provides the space and capacity for experimental and large-scale media installations along its central curved wall, as well as networking capabilities that will over time link the Studio to feminist media communities in other locations.