The Feminist Media Studio provides a space for bringing into conversation the aesthetic strategies of experimental art and cinema with the political exigency of ‘quick and dirty media,’ engaging also with feminist scholarship in a research context. Located at Concordia University, in the Communications and Journalism building, the Studio shares space with two other labs—Fluxmedia and the Mobile Media Lab—with which the Studio collaborates, both formally and informally.


The Studio includes facilities for media production, complex post-production and experimentation with media installations, and a structure for intensive seminars and workshops with visiting scholars, artists and activists. IMG_4355

It also contains a videoconferencing system, which facilitates live communication to and from public spaces and with mobile devices.


The Studio comprises three spaces: a production and post-production workspace, a meeting and conference room, and an informal gathering place. While each space is distinct, every element in the Studio is moveable, creating the potential for a multitude of configurations that take shape around the work of Studio members. The walls in the Studio are all designed as projection surfaces, and the Studio itself provides (rather than the fixed frame of artistic production) a shifting platform for a variety of encounters.



As such, the Studio seeks to de-emphasize the focus on facilities and technologies and emphasize rather the manner in which alternative institutions have provided a fertile ground for exchange, collaboration, and experimentation. The Studio draws from the history of alternative art spaces, feminist classrooms, and institutional experiments, influenced by current models of the creative “laboratory” but seeking to question also the manner in which a space’s name frames and limits the manner in which thinking and making are performed.