Alanna Thain

Alanna Thain is professor of cultural studies, world cinemas and gender, sexuality and feminist studies at McGill University. She directs the Moving Image Research Lab, which explores the body in moving image media broadly conceived, and is former director of the Institute for Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies. She runs the research-creation project Cinema Out of the Box, a bike powered itinerant outdoor cinema. She is also PI on the FRQSC funded research team CORÉRISC (Epistemologies of Embodied Risk), focused in its first iteration on queer, feminist and minoritarian horror in media, art and performance.  Her book, Bodies in Suspense: Time and Affect in Cinema, looks at how unusual or aberrant experiences of time resensitize us to our own corporeal volitility around the body’s primary capacity: change over time or “anotherness”. Her current research includes the soft spaces of outdoor cinemas, post-digital screen dance as rehearsals for survival, and feminist approaches to “sexo-somatic” technologies for the bodies and worlds we desire.  

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