Alexei Perry Cox

Professor, English Department at Concordia University

Professor, Creative Writing and Art & Social Justice at OCAD University

Alexei Perry Cox is a writer and teacher and organiser. She is the author of Night 3 | اليوم الرابع (Centre for Expanded Poetics 2021), Re:Evolution (Gap Riot Press 2020), Finding Places to Make Places (Vallum 2019), as well as the full length collection Under Her (Insomniac Press 2015). PLACE is forthcoming with Noemi Press. Her poetry and criticism have graced the pages of a wide variety of publications, including The Adroit Journal, Painted Bride Quarterly, Jouranl Safar (جورنال سفر), Arc Poetry Magazine, Moko Magazine, carte-blanche and The Georgia Review. At the core of her makings is the belief that we imagine relationally, sometimes with words and sometimes with graze. 

Forthcoming Books

PLACE – Noemi Press (Blackburg, VA). Print. Book. 248 pages (2022)
To Garden: To Grave – Ditto Ditto (Hong Kong). Book. 341 pages. (2022)

Books and Chapbooks

Night 3 – Centre for Expanded Poetics (Montreal, QC) 32 pages (2021)
Re:Evolution – Gap Riot Press (Toronto, ON). Print. Chapbook. 48 pages (2020)
Finding Places to Make Places. Vallum (Montreal, QC). Print. Chapbook. 57 pages. (2020)
Under Her – Insomniac Press (Toronto, ON). Print. Book. Poetry. 119 pages. (2015)

Journal publications – criticism, poetry, fiction, nonfiction

“I was coming to my own conclusions,” Painted Bride Quarterly. Issue 101, 2022. (Philadelphia)
“Memory Country” Offscreen: Eclectic & Serious Film Criticism. Winter 2022. (Montreal)
“La Patrie” translation of “Fatheredland” by André Habib. Hors Champ: Retrospective on Shahin Parjami. Winter 2022. (Montreal)
“Cosmologies and Cosmopolitics and CosmopoeticsFinding Cosmic Potentialities in the Contemporary Poetics and Poetries of Indigenous Methods of Self Knowing, Principles of Relationality, and Modes of Transformation, as beheld in the night sky.” The Puritan. Issue 55: Winter 2022. (Toronto)
“How beautiful the beauty has been against the grain of terror – in Canisia Lubrin’s The Dysgraphyxt.” Early Career Researchers’ Perspectives on the Literatures and Cultures of Canada/Turtle Island Call for Papers for a special issue of Canada and Beyond: A Journal of Canadian Literary and Cultural Studies, Issue 11. Huelva: Universidad de Huelva, 2022
“A Review of to stand at the precipice alone and repeat what is whispered,” The Adroit Journal. Summer 2021. (New York)
“Oh the places you’ll go!,” The Puritan. Issue 52: Winter 2021. (Toronto)
“I do tell things to children now,” (M)othering Anthology, Inana Publications, November 2020 (Toronto)
“It’s a slow ride,” carte blanche, Anxiety Issue, Fall 2020. (Montreal)
“Measures of Historia,” Arc Poetry Magazine, Issue 92, Fall 2020. (Vancouver)
“A Place for Place” – Collaborative Interview with Natalie Podaima, Vallum 17:1 2020 (Montreal)
“As Noted: Language is Migrant” & “Measures of Historia,” Moko Magazine. Issue 16. November 2019. (Virgin Islands)
“My (Your) Home Movie” &“The Long Study,” League of Canadian Poets July 2019. (Canada)
“My Grandmother Remembers “A Criticism of (Im)pure Reason” as Song,” “Má vlast,” “ငါ၏အဇာတိမြေ,” The Fiddlehead. April 2019. (Fredericton)
“My (Your) Home Movie,” carte blanche. April 2019. (Montreal)
“We Keep Writing – A Collaborative Review of Dionne Brand’s The Blue Clerk,” The Puritan. Issue 44: Winter 2019. (Toronto)
“A Sonnet from Diaspora for My Unborn Island” and “A Certain Logic for Dis/Appearing,” CV2: Contemporary Verse 2. Winter 2018/19. (Winnipeg)
“As Noted: Language is Migrant” and “To go on living with difficulty,” Headlight Anthology: Interruptions, Vol. 21, May 2018. (Montreal)
“It’s a Delicate Matter to be a Difficult Woman – Review of The Babysitter at Rest by Jen George,” Lemonhound 3.0. March 2018. (Montreal)
“The pigeon goes back to the same spot,” Journal Safar, Issue 3. April 28 2017. (Beirut, Lebanon)
“The Youth of Today,” “The Edit,” “In the studio with Rym Beydoun,” “Muse,” “In Conversation with Tahar Rahim,” “Raw Concrete,” “Farewell to the ‘Queen of the Curve’,” “The Hostage’s Daughter,” “Youth Grown Up,” Aishti Magazine, Issue 82. April 2016. (Beirut)
“To be in a state of war,” The Political City, Rusted Radishes Beirut Literary and Art Journal. Issue 5. November 2016. (Beirut)
“You, the Translator,” St. Petersburg Review, Issue 6. September 2015 (Concord)
“Laughing Gas,” “I want you to be pecked clean,” Matrix Magazine, 100 poems, Issue 100. Winter 2015 (Montreal)
“To die for one’s country,” Cosmonauts Avenue. Issue 4. January 2015. (Montreal)
“For the Birds,” Journal Safar, Issue 2. September 2015. (Beirut)
“The Long Study” – Vallum Contemporary Poetry Volume 12:1 “Surrender.” 2014 (Montreal)


Finding Places to Make Places – Thesis. (Montreal, QC). Print. Book. Poetry. 123 pages (2019)
The Uses of Uselessness: Poetics for a New Literary Politics  – Thesis. (Montreal, QC). Print. Book. Poetry. 123 pages (2019)


Contested Imaginaries Interdisciplinary Humanities Conference – Concordia University (Montreal)
Future Horizons – Canadian Literature and Public Debate – McMaster University (Hamilton)
Feeling Funny Humour Conference – “Keeping a Lightness of Blood (Khifet El Dam) in Contemporary Lebanon” (Montreal)

Creative output

Balance/Unbalance – an ongoing trans-genre performance piece has toured internationally at Transmissions Festival (Ravenna), and La Chapelle Scene Contemporaines. It is upcoming at the MAI (Montreal) in 2022.
[Enters] a new artistic practice piece has showcased at Phi Centre and Suoni Festival (Montreal) 2020

Invited Talks

Cultural Journalism – lecture and workshop for Andrew Katz Space Sciences Participating in Arts and Culture in Education – Dawson College (Montreal)
“Non-Mainstream and Short Run Press in North America,” Tsinghua University (Beijing)