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The Anti-Racist Pedagogy Project showcases pre-recorded talks by Concordians as well as local community activists, students and educators that historicize and offer proactive techniques for combatting systemic racism and other forms of discrimination and exclusion. Each video represents how peoples from different intersections respond to crisis, and how we can mobilize alongside them.

Our goal is to establish a sustainable video repository of anti-racist, decolonial and social justice centered materials at Concordia University. In doing so, we will mobilize the theme #CURespond to foster a new culture in and outside the academy that is proactive amidst change and adversity.

We envision this project as a designated, virtual space at the university dedicated to advancing anti-racist work in the academy.

The database will function as a digital educational resource for its multidisciplinary and heterogeneous audience with the following objectives:

  • Integration into curriculum design.
  • Mobilizing collaborations between academics and community activists.
  • Connecting Concordians to social justice-minded guest lecturers that supplement individual knowledge on systemic racism.
  • Offer students a space for research training and development in anti-racist work as interns and Research Assistants, as well as through course assignments related to video production.

The project asks to #CURespond by collectively building a resource for teaching, learning and engagement in issues related to anti-racism.