Colour photo of a stack of books with a white hand resting on top of them. Text reads, Building A Feminist Library.

Building a Feminist Library



Taking place across a series of gatherings, this project comes from our desire to collectively build an FMS Statement of Values and Commitments in tandem with a feminist library. Inspired by Max Liboiron’s CLEAR Lab Values Process, we are using storytelling to identify collective values we hold as FMS members. These core values will then inform a collection of writings for the Feminist Media Studio collectively authored by interested FMS members, inspired by the Pirate Care Syllabus.


At each gathering, we invite you to bring a story about a key book, resource, or creative object to your feminist research / research-creation work; one that informs the core of your feminist praxis. Together we will share the stories that brought us to these books, how they inform our work, and collectively brainstorm the values that emerge from them in our gathering.


We will continue the work of collaboratively tracing the goals and values we hold within the FMS community by co-authoring pieces of writing around the texts comprising our library. Interested members will form working groups to collectively author these.


The FMS is purchasing copies of the books members have proposed on a rolling basis from a feminist bookstore for the shelves of our burgeoning library. Digital texts will be made available on a library iPad and Zotero group. We warmly welcome all of you to participate in this core process for the FMS. Watch our newsletter for upcoming meetings, to be held in person and on Zoom.


NB: Though you are encouraged and welcome to bring a book to share, you should feel free to come and simply listen, observe or chat. This will be the first of several “Feminist Library” sessions, and there will be future opportunities to suggest a book and contribute to the Studio’s values and commitments. Note that here the term book is used as a catchall, and any form of text is welcome.


Access the Zotero here.


Attend the next meeting.


Colour photo of two light-skinned people engaged in discussion in font of a wall adorned with oversized sticky notes. The notes are scrawled with handwritten notes and sketches of various feminist values.Colour photo of oversized sticky notes on a wall of the Feminist Media Studio with hand-written notes and sketches documenting various feminist values. A photo of people seated around the conference table working on large sticky notes, making notes of key terms and concepts as others share books.A photo of several books spread out along a conference table with sheets of colourful dot stickers scattered on the table as well.A photo of a chart of key terms that have colour dots spread amongst them, indicating votes for their significance to the FMS.A mind map of key terms with the title, "WHAT DO THESE TERMS MEAN TO US?" The top terms listed are, entering the how / process, Queer & Trans aesthetics as Politics, Not for but with (collaboration and relationality), storytelling/poetics/embodiment, recognizing and decentering settler sense-making and knowledges, acts of joy.

AFFILIATED MEMBERS: Krista Lynes, Piper Curtis, Q.E. Drummond, and Razan AlSalah (FMS), Natalia Espinel Quintero