Doing Feminism in the Pandemic – Preparatory Teach-in on Migrant Justice

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June 18, 2020
Time: 11:00am-12:15pm


Doing Feminism in the Pandemic invites you to an informal teach-in, to learn and reflect on migrant justice and anti-racist organizing in Montreal and Canada. This gathering will help us prepare for our upcoming event with Solidarity Across Borders: a local grassroots network, comprised of migrants and supporters. Members of this group will be speaking to us about collective organizing during the pandemic, and their Status for All campaign. The date of this event will be announced shortly.

The goal of our teach-in will be to:

– educate ourselves on some issues facing non-status people in Montreal and Canada. We will read some preparatory material to discuss, starting with this statement, this call to action and this petition.

– reflect on what we can offer grassroots organizers, using our academic platforms and networks.

– formulate questions for our guests.