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Domestic Garden

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Lobby Screen
May 3, 2018
Time: Open everyday (except public holidays), 7:00 am - 11:00 pm

2nd Floor Lobby Screen
CJ Building
Concordia University
7141 Sherbrooke W Montreal (Qc)

Videos by
Ariane Charbonneau

“This video loop reflects on the mundanity of feminized labour and the creation of spaces of intimacy. The work—emotional and physical—imposed upon feminine and/or vulnerable workers is heavily foundational to our day-to-day comfort and yet is invisiblized, forgotten or consumed without acknowledgement of our dependency upon it. This belittling of hard work made me think of and look at smaller, non-human beings we owe for the maintenance of our environment. From an insect’s eye view, I played with humanoid exploration of space, and from human scale, I tried out insect living and building.

“This collection of short pieces is my first attempt at video making, and reveals all the raw edges of my learning process, combined with the joy of putting something I made out in the world. My starting point was my long-time enthusiasm for arts and crafts, the utmost example of feminine labour, and usually part of the mundane, ornamental and devalued. In the ordinary spaces of my daily life, my aim was to produce an expression of care through whimsical interspecies narratives.”


List of videos:

  1. Working Bee
    (colour, silent, 2018, 30m 45sThe embodiment of feminized labour. Performing for the camera, I experiment with the “work” of sewing, which doubles as a hobby I enjoy. While working hard to make my own hard working bumblebee, I indulge in the pleasure of taking my time to make a unique item, quite unlike the repetitive labour of a real bee. The leisure of embellishing the bee through hand-embroidery would be impossible in mass production.
  2. Pupa
    (colour, silent, 2018, 2m 08s)An abstract autobiographical short video confronting the notion that progress has to be moving forward. A pupa in a cocoon dreams of speeding up the process of growth despite the necessity to stay immobile for proper development.
  3. The Creature
    (colour, silent, 2018, 3m 29sA documentation of moments of communication with the creature I share my life with. I got to experience the embodiment of Donna Haraway’s Companion Species Manifesto first-hand. Animals’ honesty in their desires for affection and recreation, and their complete disregard for human conventions around working for money to feed them. During attempts at drawing me away from the work I am trying to do, we negotiate and build bridges to satisfy our respective interests and reach fulfilment instead of simple contention.
  4. Intimate Vegetation
    (colour, silent, 2018, 4m 55s)Two humanoids meet each other in harsh conditions and start dreaming of a future in a brighter, greener place. They embark on the journey together.