Sep 11, 2013
Jarrett Earnest: Artists Talk: lecture as performance in the twentieth century
5 à 7

5:00pm – 7:00pm
Concordia University—CJ 5.223 (7141 Sherbrooke St. W.)

Today it is part of contemporary artists “job” to make the rounds of gallery talks, university lecture series, and provide an endless stream of interviews. In response artists have played with these exchanges, sometimes treating them as performances themselves, denaturalizing the relationships at hand. While such practices became popular recently they are emerge from larger narratives of the twentieth century, questioning the “role of the artist.” Jarrett Earnest will provide a concise overview of these shifting practices, focusing on the structure of the lecture itself as an intertextual performance, and discussing its evolution through the shifting relationship of artists to “their” institutions (both museums and universities).



Jarrett Earnest is an artist and writer living in NYC. He sees interviewing artists as part of his artistic practice and has recently published unorthodox pieces with Richard Tuttle, Maurizio Cattelan and Paul McCarthy. He is a co-director of the art collective 1:1 that existed as a physical gallery in the lower east side of Manhattan for a year and continues to be actively involved in opening sites of fresh discourse through performance.  At present he is working on a book of essays and images that explore the relationship between aesthetics and “intimacy”.

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