Krista Lynes

Director of the Feminist Media Studio

Associate Professor in Communication Studies, Concordia University

Canada Research Chair in Feminist Media Studies

2007 – PhD History of Consciousness, University of California, Santa Cruz

Lynes examines the role contemporary art, experimental and documentary media, social movement media play, and infrastructures play in mediating social life under conditions of political struggle or precarity. They have analyzed media interventions in times of war, occupation and crisis, as well as conditions of systematic disenfranchisement and vulnerability in various contexts around the world. Their focus on the politics of visibility engages feminist and queer theories, feminist STS, critical race studies, postcolonial and transnational examinations of culture, and theories of embodied subjectivity. Their current research project Greenhouse Effects: The Mediation of Life and the Migration of Labor, seeks to explore how greenhouses have been a central infrastructure for the racialized, classed, and gendered global movement of humans, plants, animals, knowledge and culture over the last several centuries and today.


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Stubborn Objects: Counter-Surveillance in a Post-Human Landscape. Feminist Media Studio. In association with the HTMlles Festival: Terms of Privacy.

World of Matter: Exposing Resource Ecologies. Co-organized with Michèle Thériault.  Leonard & Bina Ellen Gallery.

Unruly Subjects. Co-organized with Alan deSouza. Swell Gallery, San Francisco Art Institute.