Pauline Batamu Kasiwa Lomami (Po B. K. Lomami)

Transdisciplinary artist

Graduate Specialized Studies Diploma (DESS) in Fine Arts and Creative Technology student, University of Montreal, Canada

Graduate Diploma in Communication Studies student, Concordia University, Canada

MBE (Business Engineering), University of Namur, Belgium

BBE (Business Engineering), University of Namur, Belgium



Pauline Lomami is a transdisciplinary artist, an art administrator, and an artistic and public programmer.

Her practice emerges from urgency, strategy and the reappropriation of space-time. She cultivates experimental, immersive, performative, and collaborative interventions. She uses intrusion and interference to question individuals and their institutions through affection, force, the absurd and the quotidian.

Moreover, she worked in institutions dedicated to visual art and performing arts in several countries for the last seven years as a programmer, a coordinator, and a manager. As an art administrator and cultural manager, she’s been involved with organizations at different stage of their lifecycle and engaged in structural change or questioning.