Simone Lucas

MA Student, Media Studies, Concordia University

2012 – BA Honours in Women’s Studies and Minor in Communication Studies, McGill University

Simone Lucas is a researcher, a media maker and community educator. Her current research-creation project is to make a non-fiction film that examines media representations of women’s friendships. It investigates how friendship can both subvert and reinforce systems of oppression, such as hetero-patriarchal family structures. This work is situated within a tradition of feminist self-reflexive filmmaking, pioneered by directors such as Agnès Varda, Chantal Akerman and  Sara Polley, which combines storytelling, interviews, re-enactments and found-footage film collages.  Similarly, Simone employs self-reflexive storytelling as a point of departure, bringing personal experiences into the process of research-creation.

Simone’s other interests include community-driven media, Latin American feminisms and documentary filmmaking.