Tyler Morgenstern

MA Student, Media Studies, Concordia University, Montreal

2007 – BA Communication, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver

Tyler Morgenstern’s scholarship is energized by an abiding commitment to the critical possibilities of aesthetic practice, a thoroughgoing critique of imperialist, white supremacist, and heteropatriarchal modes of governance, and an ethical investment in interrogating the differential materialities–the uneven matterings-forth–of embodied life in the contemporary moment. He is currently completing a Master’s thesis, tentatively titled Affective Terrains and Endurant Bodies in Contemporary Canadian Transmedia Art. Drawing heavily on affect theory, critical race and indigenous studies, transnational feminisms, and queer-of-colour critique, this research explores selected works by indigenous and racialized media artists working in Canada as a way of focalizing, on the one hand, how the Canadian state’s “atmospheric regimes of spatial discipline and control” decompose the life chances of minoritarian populations, and on the other, how these regimes might be contested and undone. In collaboration with studio director Dr. Krista Geneviève Lynes and several scholars from around the Americas, he is also currently working on a collection of experimental writing exploring the political, theoretical, and aesthetic possibilities of the notion of trespass.