D. What are my resources? – Doing Feminism in the Pandemic

D. What are my resources?

A photo of the pavement with "#DOFp!" written in white chalk.

We read too much, or not enough; we study graphs and watch numbers. We scale shift between government missives, reportage on the ground, the word of experts, and our colleagues, friends, and solidarians who see things that shape our view of the pandemic, of its devastating effects and potential paths forward. Libraries make materials Open Access; COVID material is made available from behind the paywalls of major newspapers. We puzzle through scientific articles we mostly don’t have the literacy for. We read each others’ recommendations. We read in fragments; we follow threads; we spend hours; or we stop reading altogether. We read novels and poems; we follow tweet threads for longer than we’d expected. We read the weather report like a suspense novel. Our genres are scrambled, our expectations uneven. And if only we could put our finger on that scrap of words we read the other day, but can’t figure out where. We do artful Google searches; we upset algorithms. We glean, we scan, we hold close and push away.  


How is the new landscape of information shaping how we do feminism in the pandemic?   


What are the sources to think with? The stories that matter to us? The solutions proposed that seem to buoy us or rub us the wrong way? 


What are the genres, modes, patterns of speech, keywords, assumptions that shape our speech or give us a common language? 


How is Doing Feminism in the Pandemic part of a larger space of collective thinking, and how can that be collected here? 

What I'm Reading: A List