supports creative and critical engagements with the gendered, racialized, and classed dimensions of social life under conditions of political struggle, exploitation, displacement and/or disenfranchisement in our global present. The political potency of feminist media practice—artists’ and activists’ use of installations, performance, public actions, film and video, and web-based platforms to make appeals for change or to hack systemic forms of gender bias—form the subject of collective and collaborative inquiry, taking multiple expressive forms and outputs. We understand education as a creative practice that might occur elsewhere than expected places and might lead elsewhere than expected outcomes.



FMS Fall Open House

September 29, 2023

An Image of five people facing a wall of sticky notes, actively engaged in a dot-voting process, fills the top half of a square. Overlaid on this image text reads, "FMS FALL OPEN HOUSE /" The bottom half of the square is white and reads, "FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 4 PM - 6 PM."