Feminist Media Studio projects are in-process, collective research and creative explorations, centered around three axes: 
  1. Un-Disciplined: Trans*/Queer Theory and Anti-Disciplinarity; 
  2. The Political Aesthetic: Resisting Displacement; 
  3. and Refugia: Forging Sanctuary.

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Our forms and outputs are variable, and may include working groups, collective readings, site visits, workshops, symposia, screenings or public actions. Those interested in participating in ongoing projects can often jump in mid-stream. New projects are announced to FMS members through our mailing list and newsletter.

Please note that the Studio is committed to bimodal forms of gathering to increase the accessibility of our collaborative work.  


Image Description: FMS members Piper Curtis and QE Drummond dressed in black with black masks stand in front of a grid of yellow post-it notes naming FMS lab values.

BaFL / Building a Feminist Library

Inspired by Max Liboiron’s CLEAR Lab Values Process, the BaFL project consists of building a library of key resources that have shaped us in our thinking/making/being and informed our lab values. We are grateful to the CLEAR Lab for sharing its protocols and work to learn from them as we strive to do anti-colonial lab work. We use storytelling (see Lab Values) to highlight the importance of the sources that have shaped us, encouraging robust citations of our influences and networks, committing to feminist and anti-racist citation practices, and identifying the core values that emerge from our conversations.

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The Feminist Media Studio is located on the unceded lands of the Kanien’kehá:ka Nation. We seek to stand in solidarity with Indigenous demands for land restitution and reparations.

Our work—committed to intersectional and anti-colonial feminist praxis—actively engages and names the predicament of doing feminism on stolen land. We acknowledge that territorial acknowledgement is insufficient to stand in solidarity with Indigenous communities.
Our anti-colonial and decolonial efforts articulated in our Lab Values center resisting extraction in all its facets, de-centering feminist canons, valuing methodologies that oppose white supremacy, and building good relations with human and more-than-humans.
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