Image Description: A colour photo of a Vietnamese person wearing glasses with black waved bangs, leaning against a kitchen counter, with shadows cast by several house plants falling across the scene.

Đồng Hà Nhuận (Ha Nhuan Dong)

Đồng Hà Nhuận (Ha Nhuan Dong) is a cultural critic and aspiring interdisciplinary researcher whose main concerns seep through science-humanities affinities, critical theories, contemporary arts, cultural phenomena, and environmental issues. His research concerns the deep sea and its scientific, political, philosophical, and poetic registers. A current subtopic of interest is the emergence of hadal science as a global knowledge infrastructure on which he presented a working paper at the 4S (Society for Social Studies of Science) 2023 Meeting. His previous research tracked the spontaneous developments of contemporary art in Vietnam and its diasporas as well as the academic discourse on the subject. His writing in English and Vietnamese has appeared in Femme Art Review, ArtsEquator, Art Republik Vietnam, Saigoneer, Hanoi Grapevine, Matca, Báo Phụ Nữ TP.HCM, and elsewhere. He was a writer-in-residence at the 2021 ArtsEquator x Goethe-Institut Critical Writing Micro-Residency.

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Founder, co-programmer of Cultural Critique Collective

2024 – BA, International Development & Cultural Studies, McGill University



Dong, Nhuan H. 2022. "A Confusing Hot Pot of Gender Equality: A Review of Jasmin." Canada: Femme Art Review 2.

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Dong, Nhuan H. 2020. "Sân khấu cổ truyền qua con mắt truyền thông của người trẻ yêu nghệ thuật.” Vietnam: Urbanist Vietnam.

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Dong, Nhuan H. 2020. "An Artist’s Role in Debate at Vo Tran Chau’s Solo Exhibition on Heritage." Vietnam: Saigoneer.

Book Chapter

Dong, Nhuan H. 2020. "Tre: Mất Gốc và Lưu giữ" [Tre: Rootlessness and Preservation] (bilingual). In Nát Giỏ Còn Bờ Tre by Trung Nghĩa. Hanoi, Vietnam: Nhà xuất bản Mỹ thuật.


“Hadal Science: An Emerging Global Infrastructure,” at 4S (Society for Social Studies of Science) 2023 Annual Meeting in Honolulu (Panel 366; November 11, 2023)


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