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she/her, settler

Alessandra Renzi

Alessandra Renzi’s interdisciplinary work explores the linkages and relays between media, art and civic engagement through ethnographic studies, media production and community-led projects. She has studied pirate television networks in Italy and the surveillance of social movements after 9-11. Her current research investigates how society’s increasing reliance on platforms, algorithms and artificial intelligence is changing social justice activism. This research had led her to study displacement and right-to-housing movements in Jakarta, Indonesia and now tech-led gentrification in Montreal.

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Alessandra Renzi and Radjawali Irendra, “The View from The Blackbox: Insurgent Technopolitics in Indonesia’s Data and Extraction Economies” Transversal Journal, issue Technopolitics of Care, Forthcoming

Collectif de chercheur-euse-s et militant-e-s (Alessandra Renzi, Tamara Vukov, Emanuel Guay, Sepideh Shahamati, Yannick Baumann, Simone Chen, et Montserrat Emperador Badimon) (2022). "Le Big Data contre le droit à un chez-soi? Le secteur de l’intelligence artificielle et l’embourgeoisement de Parc-Extension" Revue de la Ligue des droits et libertés, Printemps/Été 2022: 31-33.

Parc Extension Anti-Eviction Mapping Project “MIL façons de se faire évincer: The University of Montreal and gentrification in Park Extension,” Report Updates, 6 June 2022, (En/Fr)

Digital Divides Project. “Digital Divides – The Impact of Montreal’s AI Ecosystems on Parc Extension: Housing, Environment and Access to Services.” CBAR Network in Parc-Extension: April 2022. (En/Fr)

Parc Extension Anti-Eviction Mapping “Community Displacement Map” and Community Power Map”  

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Hacked Transmissions: Technology and Connective Activism in Italy, Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. 

Alessandra Renzi, Aaron Vansintjan, Emanuel Guay, Tamara Vukov and Vijay Kolinjivadi (2020) “Universities can squeeze out low-income residents in cities like Montréal” March 8, 2020,

Guay, Emanuel, Jenny Cartwright, Shazma Abdulla, Vijay Kolinjivadi, Alessandra Renzi, Karine Saboui, Aaron Vansintjan, Tamara Vukov (2019) “Pour un 1er juillet qui ne laisse personne sans toit” Le Devoir, 18 juin 2019.

“Jakarta: social and housing justice should not be a gamble on global market’s table,” The Conversation, January 30, 2018.