Image Description: Colour photo of a brown woman with dark curls smirking at the camera, with white-framed glasses and a funky white and emerald coloured outfit and chunky necklace.

Anoush Moazzeni

Anoush Moazzeni is a transdisciplinary artist, concert pianist, composer-improvisor, scholar in philosophy and arts, educator, administrative director at 'perte de signal' artist-run centre in digital arts, and is currently completing her doctoral studies in individualized studies under Erin Manning's supervision at Concordia University. She identifies as a worker in intensities, chaos, frequencies, rhythm, plane of composition, plane of immanence and unit of concrescence. As a performer-maker-thinker, she engages with bodies and materials that are suffused with ethical, vital and political power. Moazzeni is interested in feeling, thinking and making through intersensory and multidimensional encounters with material and immaterial flows to create concepts, blocs of sensations -affects & percepts- and becomings that allow for provoking meaning/visuality and producing knowledge. Hence her semiotic expression takes different shapes depending on the thresholds of her engagement with other assemblages, and her expressions circulate somewhere beyond the media and in-between senses, grounded in the process thought of Whitehead, Bergson and Deleuze & Guattari. The development of Anoush Moazzeni’s art incorporates artistic practice, aesthetics, philosophy, and community work. In her particular areas of interest, she conducts her works to investigate on non-canonic, experiential and artistic forms of knowledge production, issues of representation and subjectivation, political, epistemic and aesthetic dimensions of the human-machine relationship, critical policy analysis and aesthetics(as Politics).   

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