Dysphoria Mundi Reading Group




2023 – 2024

As part of one of the Feminist Media Studio’s research axis ‘Un-disciplined: trans*/queer theory and anti-disciplinarity’, this reading group is centered around Paul B. Preciado’s latest book, Dysphoria Mundi (Grasset, 2022).

In reading Preciado’s work together, we hope to foster a space to conceptualize, develop, and employ tools of anti-disciplinarity through collective reflection, within the context of what Preciado describes as a moment of ‘historical epistemological transition’.  Preciado presents at once a philosophical treaty, a personal narrative and an analytical tool to examine this shift—a moment of transition marked by fractures, crises, and metamorphosis. This shift entails the decline of “patriarchal, sexual, and racial legitimacies” and the ‘petro-sexo-racial regime’ within capitalism. It also marks the emergence of political contestation movements who prefigure emancipatory practices and new futures. Using the Covid-19 pandemic as a metaphorical as well as analytical backdrop, his book offers a critical tool for reflecting on what he perceives as a moment of profound epistemological change. Dysphoria Mundi introduces new approaches to the application of indiscipline, recognizing the significance of “critical acts and political disobedience.” It emphasizes the need to break away from the capitalist, patriarchal, and colonial lineages through practices of inadequacy, dissent, and disidentification.

While the book has not yet been translated into English, the group has produced a working translation with DeepL, so that folks who do not read french fluently are able to participate as well. Our translation will be imperfect and tentative, but those challenges might feed our collective reflections about Preciado’s work in generative and creative ways. 




October 30, 2023 / Preciado’s Dysphoria Mundi Reading Group

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