Hundreds Working Group





This group will gather to read Lauren Berlant & Kathleen Stewart’s The Hundreds, discussing the methods, writing and affect more broadly, and engage in writing hundreds collectively together.

The logic of the group is not to move from the outside in (moving from the authors to other texts, to theories, to The Hundreds) but to begin in the thick of thee text itself. Participants will be invited to join in collective writing sessions and share hundreds in a spirit of experimentation and learning. The workshop will culminate in a lecture and writing workshop with Lauren Berlant and Kathleen Stewart.

Writing Prompts:

  1. “Make a word balloon for the social atmosphere of a smell or a texture, or the way a shoulder twitched. Then conjure its world”

  1. “You can be contaminated by a pause or a tic in your mood”





November 19, 2019 / Lauren Berlant & Kathleen Stewart – First Responders

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