Image Description: 
Image Description: FMS members Piper Curtis and QE Drummond dressed in black with black masks stand in front of a grid of yellow post-it notes naming FMS lab values.
Image Description: FMS Staff members Piper Curtis, Teagan Lance, and former co-director Razan alSalah hold the new signage for the Studio against a wall with their arms outstretched. In front of them stands a bright yellow ladder.
Image Description: FMS member Razan alSalah—dressed in a bright hoodie, blue jeans and black boots–chalks “Is this the time to get creative?”, as part of the Doing Feminism in the Pandemic project in spring 2020.
Image Description: FMS members are instructed on the performance “La Promesa” by Mexican artist Teresa Margolles, held at the Musée d’Art Contemporain in 2017. A group gathers around a large rectangular form of rubble that extends from the edge of the frame to the back of the museum space. The artist, dressed all in black with black sunglasses, looks on as the curator explains the work.
Image Description: Artwork created by FMS member Carly McAskill as part of the BaFL brainstorming meetings. A large blue post-it note contains a sketch of a person wearing a mask, a giant mouth with lips and teeth, and terms like “Messy is Beautiful!”, “Radical Aliveness”, “Disbility Justice” and “Shimmering Images”.
Image Description: Workshop led by Saulé Norkute, held at the FMS in 2019. A number of workshop participants lie face down across the conference table. Many of them have their arms outstretched. Cameras, note pads, stick notes and water bottles are scattered around them.

The Feminist Media Studio is a practice-led research and creative lab, mediating gendered, queer and trans life entangled in long histories of colonization, border politics, climate crisis, displacement and occupation.

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