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she/her, settler

Isabelle Boucher

Drawing on feminist STS, environmental humanities, and political ecology, Isabelle’s research project examines the grammars of energy, and more specifically, how they inform the narratives, the policies, and the infrastructures of sustainability frameworks. By considering the triangulation of language, knowledge, and power through their colonial and extractive histories, she highlights the critical intersection of environmental and social justice issues and argues for the importance of epistemic justice at the heart of decolonial energy imaginaries.

Participant in the following FMS projects

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PhD Student in Communication

MA in Philosophy



Boucher, I. (2023). “The Multiscalar Worlds of Remediation: Sitting Halfway Down a Meandering Path”. Public, 34(68), 78–91.

Boucher, I. (April 19, 2023). “Urban Mires: What Happened to the Garden of Moss?”. Heliotrope.