Julietta Singh Reading Group





Readings: Julietta Singh, Unthinking Mastery, No Archive Will Restore You, The Breaks

This reading group is centered around the work of Julietta SIngh. Over the course of the Winter semester 2024, we will gather to read Singh’s work, centered around the acts and processes of unthinking mastery. Our final meeting will consist in a seminar and lunch with Julietta Singh (postponed to Fall 2024).

Julietta Singh is a postcolonial scholar and nonfiction writer whose work engages the enduring global effects of colonization through attention to ecology, inheritance, race, gender and sexuality. She works and teaches across anticolonial studies, the ecological humanities, queer studies, and experimental feminisms. Singh is the author of three books: Unthinking Mastery: Dehumanism & Decolonial Entanglements, No Archive Will Restore You, and The Breaks. She is currently writing and co-directing a feature-length experimental documentary, The Nest.



POSTPONED until Fall 2024 / Julietta Singh: Seminar + Lunch

POSTPONED until Fall 2024 / Julietta Singh: “Against Home in the Settler Colony”

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