Image Description: Colour photo of a woman with curly hair falling just below the shoulder, front lit and looking past the camera against a dark background.

Marianna Milhorat

Marianna Milhorat is an American-Canadian filmmaker and artist. She has presented her work at festivals and galleries worldwide, including the International Film Festival Rotterdam, Whitechapel Gallery, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Curtocircuíto International Film Festival, Kassel Dokfest, Videonale, and the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. Her work has been supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, the National Film Board of Canada, Finlandia Foundation National, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, and Serlachius Residency. Milhorat’s films and videos examine ecology through human and nonhuman relations. Taking extended approaches to nonfiction film, her work pushes form and aesthetic to provoke new ways of seeing and thinking about the current geologic era and to create a more fluid, evolving picture of nature. She is currently in post-production on her debut feature, Nightwatchers, a creative non-fiction film tracking the state of contemporary wildlife conservation through scientists and citizen scientists involved in nocturnal wildlife monitoring efforts.     

Participant in the following FMS projects

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Assistant Professor in Film Production, Concordia University


Beast Tests, 4K, 12 minutes, sound (in post-production)

Nightwatchers, 4K, 86 minutes, sound (in post-production)

Natural Selections, 4K, single-channel film installation, 11 minutes, sound, 2019

Sky Room, 16mm to DV, found footage, with Brian Kirkbride (sound), 6 minutes, sound, 2017

Singularities, 4K, single-channel film installation, 9 minutes, sound, 2016

Pure Surface, HD, film and live multimedia performance, with Liz Mehl (text) and Leah Wilmoth (dance), 40 minutes, sound, 2015

Teen Agents (for ACRE TV), HD, found footage, generative video webcast, with Michael Rae (sound) and Charity Coleman (text), sound, 2014

Always Alone (for Extinct Entities), HD, found footage, 5 minutes, sound, 2014

Landscaper Rap, HD, 2 minutes, sound, 2013

Une Terre familière, HD, 19 minutes, sound, 2012

Hair Flips, HD, multichannel installation and 22-second single-channel loop, sound, 2012

Sing as We Go, 16mm, 6 minutes, sound, 2011

The City in Which, 16mm, expanded cinema performance, 2 minutes, silent, 2011

Chicago Underground Film Festival Trailer, 16mm to DV, 1 minute, sound, 2011

L’Internationale, 16mm to DV, 10 minutes, sound, 2010

this is not an anchor, this boat is not an anchor, s16mm to HD, 11 minutes, sound, 2007

Against Soft Earth, 16mm and DV to HD, 11 minutes, sound, 2006