Open House & Building a Feminist Library

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Public Discussion
October 7, 2022
Time: 1:00-4:00pm

Feminist Media Studio CJ Building, Room 2.130 Concordia University 7141 Sherbrooke W Montreal (Qc)

The Feminist Media Studio cordially invites you to take part in the first gathering of our “Building a Feminist Library” project.

Taking place on Friday, October 7th from 1-4pm as part of our Fall Open House, this project comes from our desire to collectively build an FMS Statement of Values and Commitments. Inspired by Max Liboiron’s CLEAR Lab Values Process, we will use storytelling to identify collective values we hold as FMS members. These core values will then inform a new values statement for the Feminist Media Studio collectively authored by interested FMS members.

Following an introduction and tour of the studio for new and returning members from 1-2pm, we will gather (with food) for the first in a series of events in our “Building a Feminist Library” project.

We invite you to bring a story about a key book, resource, or creative object to your feminist research / research-creation work; one that informs the core of your feminist praxis. Together we will share the stories that brought us to these books, how they inform our work, and collectively brainstorm the values that emerge from them in our gathering. 

NB: Though you are encouraged and welcome to bring a book to share, you should feel free to come and simply listen, observe or chat. This will be the first of several “Feminist Library” sessions, and there will be future opportunities to suggest a book and contribute to the Studio’s values and commitments. Note that here the term book is used as a catchall, and any form of text is welcome.

The FMS will purchase copies of the books members have proposed from a feminist bookstore for the shelves of our burgeoning library. Digital texts will be made available on a library iPad and Zotero group. We warmly welcome all of you to participate in this core process for the FMS in person or via Zoom. 

Please join us for food, refreshment, and generative conversation. RSVP here.

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