Open Letter in Support of #HungerStrikeLaval

Part of: Doing Feminism in the Pandemic

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April 1, 2020
Dear Members of the FMS Community,

Today the governing collective of the FMS sent an Open Letter to the Ministers of Public Safety, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, and Health in support of the demands of the migrants detained at the Immigration Detention Centre in Laval, Quebec who are currently on hunger strike. It is imperative to put pressure on the Canadian government to release detained migrants on both health and safety and human rights grounds. Please share this statement widely in your networks, and lend your support to this movement with other statements and/or hashtag photos on social media if you can and are willing.

Wishing you all health andcare in this trying time.

Krista, Alanna, Liz, Monika, Razan, StefFeminist Media Studio