Julietta Singh: “Against Home in the Settler Colony”

POSTPONED until Fall 2024

La Sotterenea, 4873 Boul. St-Laurent, Montréal (basement of La Sala Rossa)


What does “home” mean in the settler colony, and how does that term come to resound differently for and across communities? How might our homes—the places we grew up and the places we now inhabit—become spaces of explicitly anticolonial dwelling? Through her new collaborative feature-length documentary, THE NEST, Singh turns to the architecture of the settler colony to ignite trans-cultural and trans-historical anticolonial feminist kinships. Displacing the legacies of home passed down by the heteronuclear family and through the settler state, THE NEST intimately examines the architecture of Singh’s childhood home to reframe Canadian history as a story of entangled, subjugated, and politically charged feminist and minoritized lives.


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Julietta Singh is a postcolonial scholar and nonfiction writer whose work engages the enduring global effects of colonization through attention to ecology, inheritance, race, gender and sexuality. She works and teaches across anticolonial studies, the ecological humanities, queer studies, and experimental feminisms. Singh is the author of three books: Unthinking Mastery: Dehumanism & Decolonial Entanglements, No Archive Will Restore You, and The Breaks. She is currently writing and co-directing a feature-length experimental documentary, The Nest.

Co-Presented by the FMS & Dark Opacities Lab.

Accessibility Information:
Please note that La Sotterenea is located down one flight of stairs (approximately 38 steps) with no elevator. There is also a side entrance with about half as many stairs. If you would like access through this door please get in touch with us at info@feministmediastudio.ca.