Projection Mapping Working Group




2023 – 2024

This project seeks to create tools for voicing dissent and soliciting public dialogue through public art actions, projection mapping, and mobile cinema. The group has worked to custom build a bicycle for sustainable mobile projection actions in the city of Montreal, working with La Coulée, a foundry and arts collective with expertise in soldering and metalwork.

Our projection actions are organized in solidarity with activist movements resisting occupation, deportation, exile and displacement, and work to create spaces of dissension to the normalization of violence, land occupation, and exploitation. We have engaged in projection actions protesting the genocide in Gaza, Palestine liberation, anti-border and deportation politics, and housing justice.

The group also partners with Le Sémaphore for larger scale public screenings and projections, whose experience with projection on urban industrial lots, ephemeral locations and urban parks helps shape our collaborative public art actions in Montreal. 





May 13, 2024 / A Narrowing Living Room

January 18, 2024 / If I Must Die, Let it be a Tale: FMS Reads for Refaat

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