Image Description: A black and white close up of a person wearing the Palestinian keffiyeh over their head and looking straight at the camera.
she/they, Palestinian refugee of Lebanon and unsettled settler on Turtle Island

Razan AlSalah

Razan is a Palestinian artist and teacher based in Tiotiake/Montreal. 

Her films work with the material aesthetics of appearance and disappearance of indigenous bodies, narratives and histories in colonial image worlds. 

She often works with sound-images to infiltrate borders that have severed us from the land. Her films are both ghostly trespasses, and seeping ruptures, of the colonial image, that functions as a border, as a wall.

She thinks of her creative process as a circle of relations with artists, friends, family, technology, images, plants, objects and sounds…These relations become different points of entry and exit into elsewheres here, where colonialism no longer makes sense. 

Participant in the following FMS projects

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