Image Description: Three people are seated and talking in front of a vivid pink graffitied background. The person on the left is a Black person in a wheelchair wearing a baseball cap; in the center is a white person with long dark hair and glasses; and on the right is a white person with long blonde hair and a turquoise vest.
Image Description: FMS member Simone Lucas leads a tech workshop at the lab. The image is taken from above, showing the wooden conference table with a video camera, laptop, notebooks and different sets of hands. 
Image Description: FMS members Piper Curtis, T Braun and Laura Pannekoek dot vote lab values as part of the BaFL project. The three figures have their back to the camera and stand in front of large bright yellow post-it notes.
Image Description: FMS members Sanaz Sohrabi and Farah Atoui, stand in a darkened room to introduce a screening at La Lumière Collective. They stand in front of a large projection screen that reads “The Political Aesthetic: Screening Media as Sanctuary”
Image Description: Lauren Berlant and Kathleen Stewart perform “Hundreds” for their distinguished lecture, “First Responders”, held at Concordia in 2019. Berlant throws their head back, arms outstretched, as Stewart smiles at the audience.