Space & Equipment

Studio members and visitors are invited to reflect on the forms and lineages that shape representations of gender and sexuality (and their complex intersection with race, ethnicity, class and cultural context). We encourage makers to remain passionately unfaithful to genre distinctions or distinctions such as artist/activist/auteur, which only shore up hegemonic and colonial methods and epistemologies.

The studio’s various kits enable multiple modes of feminist image and sound praxis including:
  • a cinema camera
  • an approachable camcorder
  • dslr / hybrid mirrorless cameras
  • accessory options to fit the artistic and physical needs of the media-maker, with ergonomic cases as well as various rigging, movement and support options. 
  • small user-friendly light kits
  • microphones and recorders available to assist image capture as well as entirely sonic explorations
  • host of equipment for off-site projection projects including projectors, monitor speakers, a sound board and a production laptop

Located at the Loyola campus of Concordia University, the FMS includes a conference room, gathering space, and a multi-use production studio. This space hosts a recently updated editing station with monitor speakers, Adobe CC and DAW programs, complemented by a professional single occupancy vocal booth for podcast, interview or A/V projects. Rounding out the post-production resources is a large high-definition flatbed scanner for digitizing images and documents. The production studio space is sound treated and equipped with a ceiling grid for lighting or projection installations. Its central curved wall, combined with short throw projectors or image capture kits make it ideal for public installations and interview shoots. All this provides a multi-faceted space suited to the production and display of various works. 

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