Image Description: A colour photo of a white, non-binary person with a curly amber-coloured mullet. They are wearing silver earrings and a black shirt with a bright yellow, orange, and grey pattern.
they/them, settler

T Braun

T Braun is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher who creates virtual worlds and performances that challenge hegemonic notions of gender. Their Ph.D. uses autoethnography and participant observation work to explore how trans virtual reality enthusiasts envision the metaverse, create gender-affirming content, and form emergent, imaginative communities. They are currently conducting interviews and collaborating with other gender non-conforming artists in the social VR platform VRChat. 

Participant in the following FMS projects

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2021 – Present – PhD Student in the Humanities, Concordia University 

2015 – MFA, Interdisciplinary Art, Montclair State University 
2011 –BFA with Honours, Studio Art, University of Manitoba

Presentations of Research-Creation

Collaborative World Building: Co-creation and Social Engagement in Art and Art Education | Angewandte University of Applied Arts | Vienna, Austria | Presentation: Participatory Research and Collaborative Practices in Social VR 

Inhabiting the planet: Challenges for media, communication, and beyond, organized by the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) | Lyon, France | Presentation: Virtual Queerality: Building Speculative Futures Through Virtual Reality 

Art Forum lecture series | Montclair State University | Montclair. NJ | Presentation: Welcome to VRChat 

Scenographies of Site-Writing & Critical Spatial Practices Across the Americas, organized by Hemispheric Encounters | Concordia University | Montreal, QC | “Queer Digital Practices” Panel Presentation: Building Speculative Futures Through Virtual Reality 

9th Emerging Ethical Scholars Symposium, organized by The Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling | Concordia University | Montreal, QC | “Subversive Practices” Panel Presentation: Virtual Queerality: Conducting Field Work in Queer Social VR 

The New School for Social Research’s Anthropology & Design Conference | The New School | NYC, NY | Presentation: dermis: An Interactive VR Archive of Skin Stories 

De/Reconstructing Gender Through Visual Art, Public Lecture | Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art | Winnipeg, MB 

Brighton Digital Festival: Subverting Archives and Digital Spaces | University of Sussex | Brighton, England | Presentation: Embracing the Glitch in Queer Virtual Embodiment 

Institute of Visual Communication Digital Conference: Artists at the Digital Border | Institute of Visual Communication | Beirut, Lebanon | Presentation: Virtual Queerality: Liminal Digital Queerness 

Exhibition + Performance

Villain Edit | Club Cumming | Manhattan, NY 

Metaternity | Practice Gallery | Philadelphia, PA 

Mythos | The Diving Bell | Montreal, QC 

Confluence: Tradition in Contemporary Art | Sichuan Arts Institute | Chongqing, China 2022 Pink Lines: Enacting the Translocal | Queer Summer Institute | York University | Digital Cabaret 2021 Life is Drag | The Cell Theater | NYC, NY 

Exponential Festival | The Brick Theater | Brooklyn, NY 

In 7 Experimental Video Residency and screening | Gardenship Art Center | Kearny, NJ 2020 Memories of the year 2030 | Walker Art Center | Minneapolis, MS 

Lupercalia | Talon Bar | Brooklyn, NY 

SalON! | Vital Joint | Brooklyn, NY 

Crossing the Line | Eastern Mennonite University | Harrisonburg, VA 

Who From Below video installation | Catharine Clark Gallery | San Francisco, CA 

Ecohack 2016: The Temple of Taste and Remembrance | presented aboard SWALE: floating edible food forest | Brooklyn, NY 

Out of the Ash | Glasshouse LifeArtLab | Brooklyn, NY 

Nuit Blanche 2014: Reheading | La Petite Mort Gallery | Ottawa, ON 

My Winnipeg | Plug-In Institute of Contemporary Art | Winnipeg, MB 

Publications and Press

Protopian Glitching in Social VR | Cronos Journal | Queer/cuir Constellations and transmedia circulations in the Americas: Aesthetic Practises and Performative Dimension 

Virtual Queerality | Take Shape Magazine | Cyberspace Issue | January 2021. 

Ridgewood-Based Canadian takes on American Politics through Drag Performance | Bushwick Daily | October 25, 2019.

Art Collectives + Curatorial Work 

Co-curator for The Coop: A HEN Hangout | Hemispheric Encounters 

2019 – 2021 
Drag/Genderf*ck Curator at The Brick Theater 

2017 – 2021 
Member of AWFUL Wrestling performance collective 

2015 – 2020 
Founding member of Asylos performance art collective 

Co-founder of sacra performance duo (with Ayodamola Okunseinde)