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Trespassing Europe is an interdisciplinary, collaborative research and media arts project that investigates how contemporary processes of mass population displacement, migration and refugee-ism, as well as the forms of border governance and political posturing they incite, challenge us to think anew about the very idea of ‘Europe’.

The Summer Institute seeks to explore the notion of trespass, taking it up as an analytic for thinking about contemporary representations of migration, bordering, and territoriality. In the light of the wash of images that constituted the ‘migrant crisis’ in the Western media, we aim to elaborate a critical response, which would track not only the affective force of this sea of images, but also the visual temporality of the crisis itself, its emergence, crashing urgency and abrupt disappearance. We aim to consider how, in the midst of multiple and protracted crises that tend to dehistoricize and hypostatize the category 'Europe,' we might find ways of visualizing its (historical and ongoing) relation to the production of stateless, mobile, or otherwise displaced populations. To this end, the Institute will consist of a series of presentations, which are free and open to the public.

Trespassing Europe Summer Institute
Tuesday, June 20th, 2017
  • 10:00—11:30: Krista Lynes, Tyler Morgenstern & Ian Alan Paul, “Introduction to the Trespassing Europe Project”
  • 11:30—12:30: Thomas Nail (University of Denver), “The Migrant Image”
  • 2:00—3:30: Veronika Zablotsky (UC Santa Cruz), “European Border Regimes and the Figure of the ‘Single Male Refugee’”, Allan DeSouza (UC Berkeley), “Through the Black Country”

Wednesday June 21st, 2017
  • 10:30—12:00: Bishnupriya Ghosh (UC Santa Barbara), “Image Operations in Europe’s Migrant Crisis”, Suzana Milevska (Politecnico di Milano), “Appropriation and ‘Hospitality’ in the Slogan ‘We Refugees’”
  •  2:30pm—3:30: Adi Kunstman (Manchester Metropolitan University), “Politics, Limits and the Dangers of Visibility: Reflection on Responsibilities of Visual Digital Research”


Update From the Fields, 2021

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June 21–21, 2017 / Trespassing Europe Summer Institute

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